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New Mexico State President   Roxie Moore

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Mission Statement

New Mexico Alpha Delta Kappa members will interact with each other and their officers in 5 different areas: Membership, Communication, Personal & Professional Growth, Knowledge of our organization, and demonstrating our dedication to our communities, from local to international through our participation in altruistic and world understanding activities.

  • Membership: Alpha Delta Kappa members are always looking for potential new members to invite to meetings. This biennium, let us also focus on retaining the members we do have, and try to help them with any obstacles that may prevent them from participating in chapter activities.  Let us also focus on reinstating former members whose situations may have changed, making them open to invitations to return.

  • Communication:  Encourage communication between chapters, and between chapters and the state board. Especially share any special recognition accorded to chapter members, such as in the local newspaper or an organization's newsletter.  Use any and all means of communication, including e-mail, texting, handwritten letters/notes, phone calls, AΔK newsletters, personal contact, etc.  Especially be aware of those who choose not to use electronic communications and be sure to interact with them using an alternate format.

  • Personal/Professional Growth:  There are a number of grants and scholarships available to AΔK members at the state, regional, and international levels.  Not all of these are for those still active in education or working on an advanced degree. To learn more about the variety of financial aid available, members are encouraged to look on the international website, or contact the state scholarship chairman for more information.

  • Knowledge of our Organization: It sometimes occurs that when questions arise in chapter meetings or at state board meetings, they could be easily answered by consulting the state Bylaws of Policies & Procedures. A basic knowledge of these 2 documents can often head off long discussions on topics that have already been addressed. For those interested in further research, the International Bylaws & Alpha Delta Kappa Handbook are deep reservoir of information. Improving our understanding and use of Alpha Delta Kappa resources at all levels can only help to make our chapters, our state, our region run more smoothly.

  • Altruism: It has been a major part of Alpha Delta Kappa since the very beginning. Activities to serve our local communities, up to the state level have long been a part of our organization. As the world has seemed to get smaller, we have been made aware of need all over the world through AΔK's World Understanding projects. In addition to continuing our involvement in such worthwhile projects, let us dedicate a small part of our efforts to each other. For older members, perhaps a phone call to check up on them or an offer of a ride to meetings. For younger members, perhaps passing on to them classroom materials that we no longer need or suggestions for interesting classroom activities. Webster's definition of Altruism is "unselfish concern for the welfare of others." Let us try to exemplify that in our interactions with the sisters in our own chapters, as well as throughout the state.

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