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Prayers for Adela

I went by to see Adela this morning. She looked so good. Her daughter, Liz was there. They are getting ready to sell her home and will move her in with them. They have moved to Corrales. She had fallen several months ago and was in rehab. She fell in rehab and broke her wrist. Two weeks ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy. Liz said she is doing very well. She has a caregiver and they are starting to pack things in her home. She is at home for a couple more weeks. Please send her a cheer up card. She wants to come Friday and Liz said her caregiver would bring her so I hope she does. Liz has moved to Corrales, so she will be living there. See all of you Friday at Sadies on Eubank at Hotel Circle.


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